3 CSR - 103 Sig Sqn

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Welcome to the 3rd Combat Signal Regiment - 103rd Signal Squadron History Room 

This site has been created to act as a link between all current and ex members of the (3CSR) 3rd Combat Signal Regiment, the 103rd Signal Squadron (3CSR) Unit History Room.

We, The volunteers, have endeavoured to create a museum (Unit History Room) so that we can display some of the communications equipment that was used within the Task Force/Brigade signal Squadron during the period 1966 through to current times. We have also obtained photos ans memorabilia from this era.

It is through this website that we hope to be able to jog your memories of that part of your life when you where a member of the premiere Signals unit within our Corps. Once we have jogged your memory, we hope that you shall be able to find photos, those Pams, spare handsets and Morse keys that you squireled away for the times when you needed them for deployments, promotion courses and the like .

We would like to acknowledge our major sponsor Mr Rick O'Shea of QPS Investment Group for his support of the Unit History Room.
contact for Rick
Queensland property Sales Pty Ltd
66 Curtis Road
Ceder Creek Qld 4207
Phone 07 5546 4052
free call 1800 155 611

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Rabbits email: [email protected]
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Adam West : [email protected] PH 0428 328 027 - if you are trying to track down any of the Olds and Bolds and perhaps some of the not so Olds and Bolds then take advantage of this wesite

The edition of the "Signalman" is available for viewing at http://www.signalman.com.au