3 CSR - 103 Sig Sqn

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The staff of the History Room

The 3rd Combat Signal Regiment History Room is entirely staffed by ex members who volunteer their time so that the history of the unit from its beginnings as 103rd Signal Squadron to its current title of 3rd Combat Signal Regiment.

At the time of going to press, the staff consisted of Lofty Evans (Manager),  Derek Webster (Curator), Paul "Angry" Anderson and Barry "Baz" Walden (Web Master) Trevor "horse" Dunstan

You can contact any of us via email at the following addresses.

Lofty Evans - [email protected]

Derek Webster - [email protected]

Bas Walden - [email protected]

Angry Anderson - [email protected]

Trevor Dunstan - [email protected]

Contact details:

3rd Combat Signal Regiment History Room

Lofty Evans

3rd Combat Signal Regiment

354 University Road

Lavarack Barracks


Townsville Qld 4814